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Women of Influence Award 2021

Planner WoI Square.png

This year I have been honored of being nominated Women on Influence 2021.

The list, which was released on Monday 8 March to mark International Women’s Day, celebrates the impact of women on planning and planners.

This year’s list features 59 influential women, whose nominations illustrate the breadth and depth of women who are having an impact on planning and planners across sectors and disciplines.

I have been one of two women who were nominated as Women of Influence in the Academia category. This year The Planner says that there was a particular focus on the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the support provided to colleagues and the community, and achievement that has most affected the planning profession.

The Planner received the following citation in support of my nomination:

"Silvia has been at the forefront of normalising the learning experience for the planning students through the tough Covid-19 situation whilst showing empathy and humanity. She uses her position to take care of her students and promote their development. Silvia has innovated in digital methods of teaching planning, making sure to encourage the new generation of students to enter the profession in a confident manner, regardless of the current situation. She secured funding for a research project in podcasting as an education tool in planning in July 2020, securing part time employment and research experience for her undergraduate and postgraduate students who acted as co leads. Her work on crowdfunding and place-making has been internationally recognised."

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